Serve Activate Card – How do I Activate my Serve Card

Serve Activate Card – A Serve Debit card is a card that helps people manage their money and gives them more control over how they use their money.


Serve Activate Card – How do I Activate my Serve Card

With the help of this card, they can easily make their purchase and get money quickly with the help an ATM.

It is safe to use at the moment when carrying cash, so select an account you want to start and then send money through this card.

You can use your card at any American Express location because these cards are accepted everywhere.


Things that people should know about the Serve Prepaid Card

If you are thinking of using a card to make your life easier, you can choose a Serve Debit card because here, you do not need to pay any fees.

Here in this bank, you can protect your money from fraud, so you don’t need to worry. Another thing is that you can use this card daily for your use, like for shopping or some other purchase in any store.

With this card’s help, you can send or get your money from any account. Also, people can add money to any place. So these are some things that you should know about how you can use this Serve Debit Card.

Some Points about Getting a Copy of your Monthly Statement

Here the peoples can have a look at these some points that indicates to them how they can get a copy for their any statement, so please check these points carefully:

  • You have to log in to the account of Serve account that will give you a chance of your recent statement; then, you have to on the next page.
  • On this page, on the right side, you can choose the main account to help you see your last statement.
  • The people would get an email containing a link so they can read about their monthly statement.
  • Then, if you wish to log in to your account, you must press the link.

So, these points can help the people know about the last statement; they have to press on VIEW ALL STATEMENT and then see their previous 24 months’ statements there.


Care take about some of these things before you go to Activate your Serve Debit Card

If you want to use a Serve debit card, then it is a good idea, but to use it [ropllerly first you have to activate this card and for to activate you have to take care about what method you are using for starting your card:

  • The users of this card can use this card only through an official portal, so that is why they are not allowed to activate their card with a wholesaler’s website.
  • The PIN, a password you put here, and the user name should be shared with others, so it would be best if you keep it hidden.
  • If you are facing any problem activating your card, you can take help from the customer care team by calling them on their toll-free number.
  • If the users receive any unknown call and ask for your PIN or password, you do not have to tell them about it.
  • The users of this card should not trust anyone who will ask them about their details because it can cause a big problem for you, so for your safety, you mustn’t need to believe anyone else.


Serve Activate Card FAQs

  • With the help of a serve card, how much money can I withdraw per day?

Answer – If you are using a Serve card, you can withdraw the maximum of $2500 in a day that is functional for each Serve account held, and for all your Serve accounts, the customer can draw $2900 per day.

  • Can I use more than 1 Serve Card?

Answer – Yes, it is acceptable for the customers to use more than 1 Serve card but to use these cards, you have to see the suitable serve postpaid debit version customer user contract.

  • What is the method to withdraw money through a Serve Card?

Answer – If you want to make money with the help of your Serve card, then you can use an ATM of this bank; for this, you do not need to pay any fees, but for some cards, you will pay $2 for to withdraw your money.

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