Amazon Card Activation – How do I Activate An Amazon Credit Card

Amazon Card Activation – ICICI Bank Amazon Payments ICICI Bank has partnered with Visa and Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited to provide a credit card.


Amazon Card Activation – How do I Activate An Amazon Credit Card

There are zero annual or joining fees associated with this card. Every purchase, whether made on or elsewhere, will earn you Amazon Pay balance thanks to the card’s rewards system.

American Express, Chase, and Synchrony are the three card issuers that work with Amazon.

With any of the three services, activating a card is a quick and painless procedure that won’t eat up more than a few of your precious minutes.


Here’s how you link your American Express card to your Amazon account

American Express gives you three options for setting up your Amazon credit card:

  • Simply input your credit card number and the 4-digit card ID located on the back of your American Express card at The next step is to confirm your selection by clicking the button.
  • Please contact the number listed on the back of your card.
  • You may utilize your mobile device with the Amex app by downloading it for either iOS or Android, entering your card information, or scanning the card’s barcode.


The First Steps in Using Your Amazon Credit Card

There are several steps you should take after receiving your Amazon credit card approval that will help you establish a solid credit history.

Obtain the app by means of a mobile download. Depending on the Amazon credit card you have, using either the Chase or Synchrony mobile app will make managing your money much easier.

You can use the Chase app to enroll in Chase Offers, make payments, set up automatic payments, monitor your accounts, and more.

Prepare your electronic payment system. With Chase, you can link your Amazon account to a variety of other digital wallets, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, and more.

Learn how to bank online. To sign up for internet banking with Chase, just visit their website. You’ll need to provide some identifying data, including your Social Security number or tax ID, banking details, and contact info.

Once it’s set up, you’ll have the ability to track your finances, set up automatic payments, redeem points, and more. You may manage your Synchrony Bank credit card account online via Amazon.

Create an account and add your credit card. For cash back incentives, shop on using your Amazon credit card as your chosen payment option.

Construct a personal identification number. It’s probable that your card already has a PIN assigned to it, but if it doesn’t or if you need to change your current PIN, you may do so by calling 800-297-4970.

To proceed, just stick to the on-screen prompts. In particular, people who plan to travel internationally will benefit from having a PIN.

Start automatic payments. Automatic payments may be set up using your Chase online account or Chase mobile app. Synchrony Bank credit cards include the option to enroll in automatic payments.

Compare rewards credit cards

Consider applying for a second card to assist you optimize rewards if you ever find yourself in need of a greater credit limit or extra features.

If your current card only accumulates points at a faster rate on Amazon purchases, your next card may do the same for groceries, petrol, or anything you spend the most money on.


Amazon card activation FAQs

  • How important is a smartphone for the video KYC process? Can I do video KYC without installing an app?

Answer – In order to apply for an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card and submit proof of income and undergo video-based verification, a smart phone is necessary.

To finish video KYC, no additional software is needed on your end. ICICI Bank’s hosted Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card application is where you’ll begin the video KYC verification process.

If you were unable to finish the video KYC procedure the first time around, you may start again by going back to the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card page.

  • I’m unable to finish my video KYC because to low internet access; what should I do?

Answer – You are free to experiment with video KYC anywhere you have a stable internet connection, including your workplace. There is no need to re-upload proof of income if you have previously done so.

If for whatever reason you are unable to complete video KYC, you may arrange for an in-person verification session to take place at your convenience.

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