Sodexo Card Activation – How do I Activate my Sodexo Card

Sodexo Card Activation – The name of this company is Sodexo card activation company provides a reward of a Validation Code card to its customer when they complete their survey.


Sodexo Card Activation – How do I Activate my Sodexo Card

The monetary value of the coupons is not consistent from one employer to the next.

It has been shown that many of these employers, as well as their workers, believe that Sodexo coupons are completely free from taxation and are not taxable as perquisites regardless of the amount.

The legislation should not be interpreted in this manner at all.

There are several kinds of Sodexo coupons available to choose from. However, the majority of Sodexo Meal Pass vouchers are provided to workers by their employers every month to reduce their taxable income.


How to Take the Survey

Please go to the website at

On this screen, the option to automatically activate the card has been chosen. In such a case, you’ll need to pick the card activation manually.

In the space provided, type in your account’s email address or cellphone number.

After that, you’ll need to input the card reference number that was given to you.

Now, fill in the captcha, and after that, click the button that says “receive activation code.”

Please enter the verification code sent to your email or cellphone number.

To activate your card, click the button.

If you do not know the reference number or have lost it, click on the link that says “forgot reference number.” Then, input the data requested, such as your registered mail id or cellphone number, followed by the last four digits of your card number.

After providing all of the information requested, you will be able to get the card reference number by submitting the form.

After obtaining the reference number, activate your account by following the above steps.


Benefits and Rewards

The Sodexo card will provide your basic needs for food, transit, lodging, and education.

In addition to food coupons, restaurant gift cards, mobility passes, leisure passes, book cards and training vouchers are all available to those who activate their Sodexo card.

Customers also benefit from the company’s versatile payment options, which are simple to use and allow for prizes, discounts, incentives, and cashback programs to be earned by customers.

Only by activating a card can you take benefit from all of them.

Terms and Conditions or Rules

You cannot hold  Sodexo accountable or liable for anything;

  1. if the Card is stolen or misused,
  2. if the Card service is disrupted in any way,
  3. for the quality, safety, legality, or any other element of the items and services bought from any Merchant using the Card. This includes any other aspects not explicitly mentioned.

The employer may top up the Sodexo Meal Pass for a maximum of one million Indian Rupees. Once the cardholder’s balance exceeds the predetermined limit, they must complete the Know Your Customer process.

About Sodexo card activation

The Sodexo Meal Card is a digital meal card that workers may use to reduce their taxable income.

Employees get to use the many advantages Sodexo’s exclusive meal merchant network offers, which also provides unrivaled freedom of choice.

This Card may be used across India’s most extensive network of proprietory meal merchants wherever that accepts payments by card.

It is available in more than one million locations in more than one thousand seven hundred cities, including the most prominent online food ordering websites such as Zomato, Swiggy, Freshmenu, Grofers, BigBasket, and others.



I hope that you are successful in finding all of the information that you want for the activation of your Sodexo card. I have provided you with details on two distinct approaches that facilitate the activation of your Sodexo card.

To activate your card, the step-by-step method must be followed and finished in its entirety.

If you have any issues during the activation process or any feedback you’d want to give, please use the comment box located below to do so.

Sodexo Card Activation FAQs

  • Why is it so easy for them to change the Sodexo meal card’s PIN code?

Answer: As a Sodexo cardholder, users can change their PIN using their online portal or mobile app.

  • Are Sodexo credit cards accepted for online purchases at the following sites?

Answer: Several online stores accept the Sodexo card. For example, the Sodexo Card, Zomato, Swiggy, Grofers, Food Panda, and others may be used online.

  • Is it possible to get cash from a Sodexo Meal Card while using it?

Answer: The Meal card cannot be used to withdraw money. Using the Sodexo Meal Card at the point of sale terminals at Merchant locations affiliated with Sodexo is only possible.

No bank ATMs can be used with these Sodexo Meal cards, and there is no other way to receive cash.

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